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Kinetiquettes Omni-Man: The Ambush *Pre-order

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Apr 2025 - Jun 2025

Nolan Grayson is a Viltrumite better known as the “superhero” Omni-Man, as well as the father of Mark Grayson (Invincible) and husband of Debbie Grayson.

This dynamic diorama depicts the pivotal fight in the first episode of Invincible where Omni-man ambushes and kills the members of the Guardians of the Globe one-by-one. While swinging War Woman’s mace, he brutally eviscerates Aquarius. The base of the statues are the piled-up corpses of the rest of the members of the Guardians.

Claime this brutal and striking Invincible statue by Kinetiquettes for your very own today!


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