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Sideshow Red Hulk Thunderbolt Ross *Pre-Order

Sideshow Red Hulk Thunderbolt Ross *Pre-Order

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“On my planet … we hit hard!”

Sideshow presents the Red Hulk: Thunderbolt Ross Premium Format™ Figure, a dominating, retailer exclusive Marvel collectible inspired by General Thaddeus Ross’ crimson alter ego.

Measuring 29” tall, 15” wide, and 18” deep, the Red Hulk: Thunderbolt Ross Premium Format Figure surges off a base of rubble and rebar. Red Hulk’s sheer size and heft break the very pavement beneath his bare feet as he leaps into action. With a shout and his big fists raised high in the air, he prepares to pummel anything in his path. Better get out of the way!

This quarter scale, fully sculpted Hulk collectible depicts the enraged Gamma-mutate at his strongest — and most heated. Massive and muscular, the vengeful monster is painted in his signature deep red tone. He wears tattered charcoal shorts, stretched over his large legs to indicate the garment has barely survived Thaddeus Ross’ physical transformation. Only his salt-and-pepper crew cut remains as a remnant of the disciplined man he once was.

Operation Hulk is underway! Bring home the Red Hulk: Thunderbolt Ross Premium Format Figure, exclusively available for pre-order through your local Sideshow retailer, today.

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