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Darth Vader The Chosen One Art Print

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Sideshow presents the Darth Vader™: The Chosen One Fine Art Print, an officially licensed Star Wars™ art print by Marco Mastrazzo.

As a collection, Sideshow’s Mythos series are fine art collectibles that allow the collector to imagine what could have been, but maybe never was. Myths meant to be initiated by the eye and completed by the mind. The Darth Vader: The Chosen One Fine Art Print presents a vibrant, violent vision of destruction as the Sith Lord™ defends his fiery fortress.

After destroying his former self Anakin Skywalker™, Darth Vader™ remains on the molten planet Mustafar™. There he meditates and molds his body into a weapon for the Galactic Empire. Having emerged from his castle, he rises above rivers of lava while he crushes a Rebel X-Wing™. Darth Vader’s feet are firmly planted on the ship scraps even as the pieces crumble beneath his cybernetic legs.

Each Darth Vader: The Chosen One Fine Art Print is available unframed or in a custom frame format and features an authorized, automated artist signature as well as an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 700 pieces. Pair this Darth Vader artwork with Sideshow’s Darth Vader Mythos Statue for the ultimate tribute to this Star Wars villain.

Demonstrate the power of the dark side when you bring home the Darth Vader: The Chosen One Fine Art Print by Marco Mastrazzo today!